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The “WhatsApp CMS” plugin is a powerful tool designed specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce users, allowing seamless integration of WhatsApp communication into your online store. With this plugin, you can effortlessly display your WhatsApp number along with a custom message on your product pages, enhancing customer engagement and support.

Key Features:

  1. WhatsApp Integration: Easily showcase your WhatsApp number on product pages, providing customers with a direct communication channel.
  2. Custom Message: Tailor a personalized message to accompany your WhatsApp number, offering assistance or additional information to shoppers.
  3. Enhanced Customer Support: Enable customers to reach out to you instantly via WhatsApp, fostering better communication and support experiences.
  4. User-Friendly Setup: Simple installation and configuration process within the WordPress and WooCommerce environment.
  5. Responsive Design: Ensures compatibility and optimal display across various devices, enhancing user experience.

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Installing the WhatsApp CMS plugin is straightforward. Simply navigate to your WordPress dashboard, go to the "Plugins" section, click on "Add New," search for "WhatsApp CMS," and then click "Install Now." Once installed, activate the plugin, and you're ready to configure it.
After installing and activating the plugin, go to the plugin settings within your WordPress dashboard. Here, you'll find options to enter your WhatsApp number and customize the accompanying message. Once you've saved your settings, your WhatsApp number and message will automatically appear on your product pages.
Yes, you have full control over the message that accompanies your WhatsApp number. Simply navigate to the plugin settings, where you can enter your desired custom message. This message can be tailored to provide specific information or assistance to your customers.
Yes, the plugin is designed to be compatible with a wide range of WordPress themes. However, in rare cases where conflicts may arise, our support team is available to assist you in resolving any issues.
At the moment, there is only one version of the WhatsApp CMS plugin available, which includes all the features mentioned. We continuously strive to enhance the plugin based on user feedback and may introduce premium features in future updates.

INR 500.00

Live preview
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Last Update:April 22, 2024
Released:April 20, 2024
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