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This plugin provides a comprehensive solution for managing student records and IELTS mock test results in WordPress. It offers the following key functionalities:

**Student Management:**
– Registers a custom post type called “Students” with fields for name, email, mobile number, fees status, and registration date.
– Adds a custom fields meta box for entering student details.
– Enhances the student listing page in the admin interface with custom columns to display student information.
– Implements AJAX functionality to dynamically load student information based on the selected student name.

**IELTS Mock Test Management:**
– Registers another custom post type called “Mock Test Results” to manage IELTS mock test results.
– Adds custom fields for test details such as test date, overall score, listening score, reading score, writing score, and speaking score.
– Enhances the mock test result listing page with custom columns to display test information.
– Implements sorting functionality for custom columns on the mock test result listing page.

**Integration and Customization:**
– Integrates student information with IELTS mock test results, allowing users to select a student name and automatically populate the associated mobile number.
– Implements sorting functionality for custom columns on both student and mock test result listing pages.

Overall, this plugin provides a user-friendly interface for efficiently managing student records and analyzing IELTS mock test results within WordPress.

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Navigate to the "Students" menu in the WordPress admin interface and click on "Add New" to create a new student record.
Navigate to the "Mock Test Results" menu, select the student from the dropdown list, and enter the test details in the provided fields.
Yes, you can customize the fields by modifying the plugin code or using a plugin like Advanced Custom Fields.

INR 3,500.00

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Last Update:April 24, 2024
Released:April 24, 2024
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Student Management Add New Student Status of Fees Paid or Not Registration Date Filter Student Paid & UnPaid Status
Manage IELTS Mock Test Data for Your Student Teacher can Add IELTS Mock Test Result from Admin Filter Data Auto Generate Page For Search Result for Student Student Can Check the Mock Test Result